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Meet the TeamGet to know a little more about us.

Brian Seitel

Co-founder and CTO

As the CTO of USAND, Brian has spear-headed the technological vision of the company's core product. Over the last several years, Brian has mastered the art of search technology, from the first bytes of the app's data to the final user experience on the platforms. His expertise has created a system of technology that traverses the chaotic and messy space of OTT video metadata with ease.

Steve Harnsberger

Co-founder and CEO

With over twenty-five years of experience in the video streaming industry, Steve is the undisputed king of OTT video metadata sales and leadership. Not only is he an internet media and streaming video executive, a respectable deal-maker and negotiator, Steve is also the CEO of USAND and pioneer of the Universal Search market. His career covers both traditional media and streaming video, and he is a frequent speaker and moderator at OTT summits across the United States.


USAND LLC was founded in 2017 to tackle the problem of universal search having so many obstacles and implementations. We wanted to make implementation quick and easy. We service major OTT apps such as Turner, TBS, TNT, Fimstruck, Univision, and Qello, and we work in close partnership with AppleTV, Roku, AmazonFire, Google, Samsung and others.