We make getting into search on Amazon Fire as easy as 1,2,3...

Our Story

USAND has been ingesting channel metadata to the Amazon FireTV universal search platform since 2017. USAND has developed a proprietary data configurator that can input from any data source (or multiple sources) and outputs a data feed that meets the Amazon specifications. USAND has also developed custom data validation and optimization tools that save time, resources, and costs for all parties involved.

The USAND Process

We make getting into search as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Data Extraction / Configuration

We onboard from any CMS and app layer whether you work with a 3rd party solution or have a custom in-house proprietary product.

Communication / QC

Our team manages the entire project including platform technical ingestion and QC. We assign a dedicated project manager who is responsible for all as­pects of getting your universal search feed live.

Go Live / Maintenance

We ensure a successful launch and we are committed to 24-hour technical support response times and handle all maintenance issues that arise.

How USAND Made a Difference

Required Data Fields for Amazon

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