Cut Costs, Not Corners: Economical User Acquisition through Universal Search

Written by: Kai Schneider

Kai Schneider is VP of Business Development at USAND. His favorite streaming platform is AppleTV with Roku as a runner up. The apps that get the most play on his devices are Disney+,SiriusXM, Spotify, HBO, Peacock and Spectrum. He loves the OTT industry and all things streaming. He loves to make art, sing, play piano, skateboard, ride motorcycles and hang with his family. Fun fact, Kai is the creator of an award winning hot sauce and lives in Cincinnati Ohio. He also enjoys writing the occasional blog post...

In an era where digital presence determines the success of streaming platforms, optimizing user acquisition costs while maximizing reach becomes paramount. The advent of Universal Search as a cost-effective user acquisition strategy marks a turning point for developers and content providers aiming to enhance their digital footprint without escalating budgets.

Strategic Integration with Universal Search:

Leveraging Universal Search transcends traditional marketing approaches by embedding your platform within the fabric of user search behaviors across major OTT ecosystems. This integration not only amplifies visibility but also aligns with user intent, driving organic engagement at a fraction of conventional user acquisition costs.

Optimization of Metadata for Enhanced Discoverability:

The cornerstone of an economical user acquisition strategy lies in the meticulous optimization of metadata. By ensuring your content metadata is tailored to meet and exceed Roku’s sophisticated specifications, we unlock the potential for your app to surface at the pinnacle of search results, significantly increasing the likelihood of organic installs.

Automating the Path to Visibility:

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining the onboarding process for Universal Search. Through the implementation of automated beta channels, we expedite the integration testing, reducing the turnaround time from submission to live deployment. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the resource allocation typically associated with manual interventions.

Deep Linking: A Gateway to Immediate Engagement:

Deep linking further refines the user’s journey, directly transporting them from search results to the content they seek. This seamless transition significantly uplifts user experience, fostering immediate engagement while bolstering the perceived value of your platform.

The Economic Advantage:

The deployment of Universal Search integration presents an unmatched economic advantage. By dramatically lowering the cost per acquisition through organic search visibility, platforms can reallocate resources towards enhancing content quality and user experience, driving sustainable growth and retention.

In conclusion, the strategic integration of Universal Search is not just a pathway to reducing user acquisition costs; it’s a transformative approach to redefining how content is discovered and engaged with in the digital age. Embrace this paradigm shift with Universal Search and experience the dual benefits of cost efficiency and amplified user acquisition