USAND Becomes Bright-cove Partner for Roku Search

Written by: Andy Cayse

Andy Cayse is a professional blogger and editor living in Huntsville, Alabama. A lifelong pop-culture junkie, he watches a wide range of content on multiple platforms, Roku in particular. When he's not catching up on the world of streaming content, Andy is active in his local community theater scene, and also enjoys fencing and swing dancing.

“Universal Search and Discovery LLC (USAND) is a Bright-cove and Roku partner providing search feed on-boarding services for Bright-cove’s OTT streaming video apps for Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, Google AndroidTV, Samsung etc. Being on-boarded to search doubles an app’s in new installs on Roku in 30 days. Don’t take our word for it, let us set up a trial on Roku to demonstrate the ROI and the cost effectiveness. OTT Universal Search is the #1 most cost-effective marketing tool a streaming video app can deploy to grow its audience.

With many thousands of apps on the market today, the #1 problem facing OTT streaming apps is awareness, the streaming apps #1 need in the market today is to be discovered. Search provides the lowest cost, most effective marketing tool to grow your audience. When streams use search for titles, actors, genres or key words, your app logo is displayed in the search results and they are directed to a deep link where they can install the app and playback the video content. Being part of Roku Search doubles app installs and delivers streaming minutes increases of 50-100% or more. USAND’s data engine is per-integrated with the Bright-cove Cloud, getting started only requires you to provide access to your Bright-cove content library in the Bright-cove Cloud

USAND was founded in 2017 when Roku hired the team to onboard almost 100 of the first apps ever ingested to Roku universal search. From there, we built a comprehensive app data engine that delivers specialty search feeds for every major streaming or OTT Platform including Roku, Amazon FireTV, and Alexa, Google AndroidTV, Android, Google Voice, Apple IOS, Apple TV and Siri, Samsung, LG, Vizio, XBox, Play station, Comcast X1 and more. Our case studies show the results from search are outstanding.

USAND offers no-obligation Roku universal search pilots to demonstrate the benefits of universal search in a 30 day day POC. Contact the USAND partner team or your Bright-cove representative for more information.”