Streamlining Search Integration Testing on Roku

Written by: Kai Schneider

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content delivery, Roku has introduced an innovative update to simplify and expedite the search integration testing process for developers. This update automates the addition of a beta version of your channel to your developer account upon the initial submission of a search feed. Named “<channelName> SearchBeta,” this channel is seamlessly listed under the Search testing channels section on the Beta channels page.

Automated Beta Channel Creation for Efficient Testing

The introduction of automatically created beta channels marks a significant shift towards a more self-sufficient testing process. Developers can now utilize these channels to rigorously test their channel’s deep linking capabilities and confirm successful integration with Roku Search without the previous requirement to contact Roku Partner Success for manual beta channel transfers.

How to Utilize the Auto-Created Beta Channel:

Initial Setup: The beta channel, generated solely for new feeds upon their first submission, serves as a testbed. Note that resubmitting an existing feed will not create a new beta channel. For feeds submitted prior to January 31, 2024, and requiring a beta channel, reach out to Roku Partner Success for assistance.

Testing Your Integration: Use the channel’s access code to install the beta channel. Then, conduct searches for content items within your feed to ensure they are correctly appearing in Roku Search results. This step is crucial for confirming the successful ingestion of your feed into Roku Search. Should you encounter any discrepancies, verify your feed’s adherence to the required schema and metadata. For additional support, Roku Partner Success is at your disposal.

Final Steps: After making necessary updates, resubmit your beta channel through the Developer Dashboard, keeping it in sync with your production channel. This synchronization is vital for passing deep linking certification. Upon confirming the seamless operation of your search integration, coordinate with Roku Partner Success for the final verification process using the auto-generated beta channel. Find out how USAND can help expedite and Roku search onboarding by contacting

Key Points to Remember:

Beta Channel Limits: Each developer account is allowed up to 10 beta channels, including a maximum of four auto-created beta channels.

Channel Lifespan: Auto-created beta channels are not permanent and will be automatically removed 120 days post-creation, offering a tidy solution to channel management without manual deletion efforts.

This enhancement to the Roku platform underscores the company’s commitment to supporting developers in delivering a seamless search experience. By making the testing process more autonomous, Roku enables developers to focus on creating and refining high-quality content for viewers.