Universal Search & Discovery LLC Named Preferred Developer By VIZIO For Universal Search

Written by: Kai Schneider

Kai Schneider is VP of Business Development at USAND. His favorite streaming platform is AppleTV with Roku as a runner up. The apps that get the most play on his devices are Disney+,SiriusXM, Spotify, HBO, Peacock and Spectrum. He loves the OTT industry and all things streaming. He loves to make art, sing, play piano, skateboard, ride motorcycles and hang with his family. Fun fact, Kai is the creator of an award winning hot sauce and lives in Cincinnati Ohio. He also enjoys writing the occasional blog post...

San Ramon, CA – Aug 3rd, 2023– Universal Search and Discovery, LLC (USAND), the pioneer provider of universal search data onboarding and universal search for OTT streaming ecosystems, announced today that it has been named a VIZIO Preferred Developer for universal search data ingestion services for the smart TV company. 

VIZIO app partners are able to leverage USAND’s onboarding tools. USAND provides a seamless and cost effective solution for ingesting metadata into VIZIO’s Universal Search function. Universal Search for streaming video content allows users to find content they want to watch on VIZIO from whichever app it resides in.

USAND recently launched the Universal Search feed for DIY home crafting app Made It Myself TV in less than 10 days, demonstrating the company’s ability to expedite the onboarding of new apps into search on the VIZIO platform.

“We had a narrow window when we launched the Made It Myself TV app on VIZIO and we needed a universal search feed built quickly,” said Marcy Levitas Hamilton, CEO of TriCoast TV. “USAND delivered and met our deadline. Their custom search feed processor allowed us to quickly troubleshoot our data and created an on-spec feed in less than a week. USAND efficiently navigated the VIZIO search technical ingestion process in a way we never could have on our own. Search is an essential tool that will help all VIZIO streamers discover our unique DIY content.”

“USAND is thrilled to be named one of VIZIO’s Preferred Developers for universal search and discovery” said Steve Harnsberger, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of USAND.  “Our developer relationship with VIZIO enables us to enhance the quality of our data onboarding services and universal search. In the case of Made It Myself TV, any user searching for content in the DIY crafting genre on VIZIO is now seeing Made It Myself TV in the search results.” 

For more information on USAND and their universal search onboarding and solutions please visit www.universalsearch.io or:

Fontact – Universal Search & Discovery LLC (USAND): Kai Schneider, VP Business Development, kai@universalsearch.io

About USAND: USAND is a California based technology company that is committed to simplifying the onboarding process for universal search integration on all major content streaming platforms. Through cutting-edge data processing technologies combined with years of search onboarding experience, USAND reduces the time, cost, and perplexity for all parties involved in launching apps and channels into universal search.  At USAND “we make getting into search easy.”  For more information, visit www.universalsearch.io

About VIZIO: Founded and headquartered in Orange County, California, our mission at VIZIO Holding Corp. (NYSE: VZIO) is to deliver immersive entertainment and compelling lifestyle enhancements that make our products the center of the connected home. We are driving the future of televisions through our integrated platform of cutting-edge Smart TVs and powerful operating system. We also offer a portfolio of innovative sound bars that deliver consumers an elevated audio experience. Our platform gives content providers more ways to distribute their content and advertisers more tools to connect with the right audience. For more information, visit  VIZIO.com